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2007-05-17 - 7:47 p.m.
Okay I serious don't think I've mentioned how much I love facebook. I am finding so many people who I went to school with. I've actually had a few people send me messages apologizing for treating me like shit back in highschool. Nice.

Also, a while ago a girl added me who I'd gone to school with. I haven't seen her since grade 4 and I find out now that not only does she live here in Barrie, but she lives around the corner!!

AND I found out from my aunt that my cousin is getting married...TOMORROW. He's also accepted a two year teaching job in Hong Kong and will be having a huge wedding there as well since his bride to be has family there.

Things are going pretty well here. Chad is still working at that new place, and he seems to like it which is good. He has invited me to a family reunion on June 2nd. I haven't met a lot of people from his family, just his brother, his aunt and cousin and three other cousins. This will be interesting.

Gahh! Must watch the time. Ugly Betty is on at 8:00. I'm completely addicted to that show.

I bought a CRAPLOAD of movies recently. The convenience store across the street from Chad has movies to rent, but I guess they don't have room for more so they are selling some. In the past few weeks I've bought:

House of Wax
The Producers
The Ladykillers
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
The Polar Express
The Amityville Horror
The Perfect Score
Just Like Heaven
Bad Santa
Memoirs of a Geisha
The Forgotten
A History of Violence
and Collateral

Holy shit...that's a lot. I didn't realize I'd bought that much. I haven't even watched all of them yet. Surprisingly I REALLY loved The Producers, Spanglish and Just Like Heaven, oh and The Polar Express.

Last night I saw Spiderman 3 with my friend Ashley. I have to say, I was a little disappointed with it. Too little action, too much romance.

Must go watch Ugly Betty.

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