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2007-05-23 - 3:56 p.m.
It's been an interesting couple of days. I had a great long weekend. As per usual, I went over to Chads. Saturday I had to work and so did Chad so we didn't do anything. Sunday was awesome. I decided I wasn't going to sit around Chads house all day while he played his stupid game. I got together with Mary Rose and we ended up driving to Toronto which was fun. We went for lunch at Dave & Busters, it was awesome!! We didn't end up playing any games there. Lunch was delicious, even if it was expensive. Mo had fish and chips and I had this Jack Daniels chicken. Mmmm!

After the movie we went to that big Colossus theater and saw Shrek 3. I'd never been there before, but always passed it on the way to visit my grandpa. It was really neat! I ended up getting in shit because I was taking pictures of all the posters and statues. Oh well. The movie was CUTE! I loved it! Especially the Shrek babies :)

After the movie, we drove back to Barrie and she dropped me off at Chads house. During the evening Chad and I decided to go see the fireworks downtown. It was really pretty :)

YESTERDAY Chad and I went for a looong walk up and down the beach. There was some music festival going on and they had food booths and rides and all that interesting crap. We went to one stand and bought this AMAZING fresh lemonade, and then ended up going to another booth to get a hotdog. Yum. We were out for a few hours. It was good exercise. When we got back we had a barbecue. We cooked up some hamburgers and hotdogs and made up some salad. Yummy! The weekend eventually caught up with me and I passed out three times while we were trying to watch Bon Cop, Bad Cop. So we went to bed, but only after we had a bit of fun :P

Well I have something rather interesting to tell you. Now um...who remembers Renos? Who remembers what he did to me two years ago? Well for those of you who don't know, Renos was a guy, actually I should say KID because he was 18 at the time. Anyway, Renos and I dated a little over two years ago, and rather suddenly dumped me...without telling me. He just blocked me from everything and didn't bother to tell me he didn't want to be with me anymore.

WELL the other day I was checking my email and there was an email from him saying sorry. Quite out of the blue. interesting. Here's the email for your reading pleasure.

From : Him
Sent : May 18, 2007 9:07:48 AM
To : Me
Subject : I'm sorry

This took way too long to write, and you probably won't forgive me... hell this probably won't go through because you changed hotmail tags or something. I just want to say how sorry I am for what I did to you. It was wrong and stupid and I shouldn't have been such a coward. Things were just moving way too fast though, I couldn't take what you were giving me and when you cried in the bus station, I just had a thought in my head that it was going to be just like this other girl who did something horrible to me under similar conditions and I didn't want that to happen again. So yes... I'm truly sorry and I hope you can forgive me for what I have done in the past and accept me into your future. If it's any consolation, I've had a pretty crappy ass life ever since you were out of it, especially when it came to love and relationships. Also so you know, I've been trying to write this for years, but just couldn't send it... I guess all I needed was a concussive blow to the skull in order to grow balls again...

With love

How funny is it that I was able to move on and find someone I am truly happy with and he is now a sad, miserable human being? Guess karma can be a real bitch. So...anyway, I emailed him back saying if he wants to start over...fine. But don't expect me to roll out the red carpet or act as though nothing happened.

I ended up giving him my cellphone number, which was a mistake, because he called me and then proceeded to accuse me of hacking his email address, and when I convinced him it WASN'T me (which it wasn't) he was all "that's too bad, I was hoping it would be." WTF? THEN he pretty much said that Chad was a rebound guy. (SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK) Oh and here's the icing on the cake, he told me that he's literally been bashing his head against walls for two years now, which is what he meant in that email by a "concussive blow to the skull"

OKAY crazy...

WHY the FUCK couldn't he just stay OUT of my life? Seriously....

Oh well. I'm in an awesome relationship. I'm happier than he'll ever be. I guess I win.

I managed to piss him off on MSN too :D

He wasn't responding so I asked him if he was still there or if he was bashing his head against a wall again. He didn't like that very much. Hahaha. I'm actually enjoying the fact that he is miserable now.

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