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2004-04-15 - 1:12 p.m.
It's Thursday!!!!! 2 days until Anthony is here!! My mom keeps asking me if he's still coming, and when I say yes all she says is "Oh" It's really getting annoying. She keeps saying it was out of character for them to say yes. GET OVER IT. He's coming here Saturday and there's nothing you can do.

Anthony called me last night!!!!!! We talked for TWO hours! Yahoooooo! Our plans have changed a bit. Instead of going to Boston Pizza for supper, we're gonna order pizza instead. We're not going to bed either. We are going to stay up the whole night watching movies. Seriously. He's bringing a bunch of movie and we are staying up all night to watch them! I've never stayed up the whole night! He told me he'd keep me awake by any means necessary. Hahahaha. Plus we are going to be drinking. He's planning on buying Smirnoff Ice when he gets here. So we'll have that, a bottle of wine and the rest of my cherry brandy.

Oh yes and we are going out for breakfast on Sunday morning.

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