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2004-04-13 - 7:55 p.m.
Happy 21st birthday to me!! Thaaaaat's right it's my birthday today! Thanks to EVERYONE who wished me a happy birthday! My family and I went out for supper tonight. We went to a place called The Mandarin! Chinese buffet! Mmmmmmmmm! I ate waaaaaaay too much, and now I am uncomfortable. I tried a bit of everything. Even sushi! (Gross!!)

Lets see.....what else did I do today? Oh yeah I had an interview this morning at a restaurant called Jack Astors. My interview was for 10:00am, but when I got there I found out that the place didn't open till 11:00. So I waited for almost an hour. Some guy with dreadlocks came out and asked if I was waiting for someone, so I told him I was supposed to have an interview at 10. Then in a really snotty voice he said, "You DO know there's a back door right?" Yes, and THAT was locked too!

Anyway, the guy who interviewed me was a total prick. He acted like he had better things to do than interview me, and he asked the questions like he was really bored.

Not much else going on right now. I bought myself a birthday present. Kill Bill Volume 1 on DVD. Woohoo! I've already watched it once today. I may watch it again later. I'm kind of disappointed with the DVD though. There aren't many special features.

I'm getting together with Karen on Friday!! We're going to Applebees and then seeing a movie. Kill Bill Volume 2! Did I mention I saw The Whole Ten Yards on Sunday? Hmm....yeah I did and it was alright. I also bought the movie Dreamcatcher on Saturday! It was only $2.99! But yeah, the book was better.

Anthony is coming this weekend!! Yeaaaaaaaah baby

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