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2004-02-09 - 9:19 p.m.
I cannot sign into MSN Messenger and it's pissing me off!! I even went to hotmail and tried to check my mail there and it said the server was too busy. Arrgh! There's nothing to do! I'm playing this really stupid game where you have to freeze penguins.

That would be found here:

Wow....I saved 29 penguins. I am now officially bored.

I haven't talked to Peter in awhile, and to be honest I really couldn't care less. Not sure if he's avoiding me or what. I talked to Tom last night. Barely. He hardly says ANYTHING when we talk online. Last night he told me that him and Sarah were fighting and she made him cry. Geez, why the hell is he with her if she's causing him so much pain? He keeps saying he wants to do something with me again, but it never happens.

Mehh....boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.

Then there is Anthony! *sigh* I miss him so much! I got an email from him today letting me know that he got home safely and that he had a lot of fun with me on the weekend.

STILL can't get on MSN! Oh well, back to the stupid penguin game.....

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