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2003-12-28 - 1:26 p.m.
Arrgh! I'm still mad about the whole phone thing! If I'd kept my phone on the whole day I wouldn't have missed the call!! I could have TALKED to Peter ON THE PHONE! I'm such an ass! He's never gonna call again. I blew it!


Well enough about that. I had a fun night last night. My aunt and uncle came over for a bit, so I had to entertain my cousins. We watched Freaky Friday. Shannon invited me to go bowling last night, and I went even though I SUCK at it. A bunch of people went, so we went into teams. Our team was me, Shannon, Heather, Catrina, Dwight and.....uh......*thinks*.......WARREN! Yeah, that's his name. Anyway, we all sucked. My final score was 100 which isn't bad considering I hadn't been bowling since '95 or '96.

The other team was......who cares.....snobs. They left after they finished and didn't bother to wait for us.

After we finished bowling, our "team" went to McDonalds for drinks and food. I had a triple thick Rolo shake. Mmmm good! We were at McDonalds so long they kicked us out because they had to close. hehehehe

Still mad about the phone thing......

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