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2004-01-01 - 10:48 a.m.
Happy New Year everyone!!

It's been an interesting couple of days for me. My aunt Joan and uncle Frankie came on Tuesday and they're staying until tomorrow.

Yesterday we all went to the Royal Thai for lunch! Mmmmm good! After that we went to the movies and saw Return of the King. Ahhhhhh!!! So good!! Shhhhh! Not gonna say anything in case someone reads this and hasn't seen the movie.

After the movie we went home and partied!!! We had finger foods and got drunk. My aunt and I drank wine, while my dad and uncle did tequila shots. Mom drank rye and my brother drank his vanilla vodka.

I'm totally beating myself up again. Last night I went to check my phone messages and there was ANOTHER call from Peter wishing me a happy new year! Fuck beans! It seems like everytime I turn my phone off, he calls!

I'm talking to him on MSN now! I missed him so much. He told me I was the only one he sent a christmas card to! I feel so special. haha. Ahhhh motherfucker, he's going.

Happy new year everyone! I love Peter! hehehehe

OH SHIT!! I almost forgot to mention something REALLY important! Yesterday my sister sent me a text message to get on MSN right away! Well I couldn't because Joan and Frankie are sleeping in this room. Anyway, she told me she had something to tell me and that I couldn't tell ANYONE. So I told her to tell me.

Guess what it is?? MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!!!!!!! I'm going to be an aunt!!!!!! When she told me yesterday I started to cry! I haven't told anyone so far except for Peter. Laurie and Jay are coming this weekend for late christmas. She's not gonna tell my mom until Tuesday when she goes to the doctor to confirm it.

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