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2003-09-13 - 9:40 p.m.
Today was so boring. I stayed here on the computer most of the day. I'm alone in the house again, Chris has gone out to Cory's. Anyone wanna come over and party??? lol!

I got Subway for supper. It was good! I got the usual, a cold cut trio on parmesan oregano bread with swiss cheese and sweet onion sauce. I also got a vanilla pepsi. YES, they have vanilla Pepsi now! Anyway, it's disgusting and made me feel sick. First of all Pepsi is sweet and the vanilla flavor made it sweeter, second of all, it tasted like maple syrup. Blech! Vanilla Coke RULES.

I also bought the movie Gangs of New York. It looked like a good movie, so I bought it for $9.99. I haven't watched it yet.

Must go! New Osbournes episodes start in ten minutes!!!

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