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2001-09-05 - 6:00 p.m.
I started school yesterday. School doesn't start until 8:00 but I was there at 7:00. They had a huge list of whos homeroom was where. Next to my name it had 00000. So I went to the office and I was like "What does that mean" and the woman at the office was like, "Oh, that means you have a spare." I have a SPARE!!! NO FIRST PERIOD!!! I CAN SLEEP IN!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Then for the second semester I have like 2 spares! So I asked why that was and the lady told me they had made up the schedules a few days before!

Almost everyone had spares! I swear my school is so disorganized! Why didn't they make up the schedules EARLIER in the summer so all this confusion wouldn't happen? Then I found out that we got to pick our OWN lockers! More chaos! But I found a locker! Right next to Karen my best friend.

I found out that Karen also has a spare 1st period!! Yay! Thats the only thing we have together! We dont even have the same lunch!

Anyway, the rest of my classes are good! I have Co-op 2nd and 3rd period with Mr. Stewart. 2 PERIODS FOR CO-OP! Then I have lunch 4th! And then I have Law with Mrs. Shako for 5th period. GRRRR!! I don't like Mrs Shako! I had her for Consumer Studies! She was mean!

Agh! I found out that Justin isn't coming back this year! That makes me so sad! I was hoping I would see him! I still like him!

Anyway, today was better. I slept in today! I brought a whole bunch of pictures to decorate my locker! Its funny! Because most of it is O-Town! lol! I've been getting some weird looks today! One guy walked past with his friends and was like "Whoa lots of pictures!" He didn't say it to me but to his friends. Then he was like "She has Jacob up!" And I was like Ok......

Anyway, after 3rd I saw Karen and she looked like she had been crying. So I asked her what was wrong and she said that Gerry (a guy she REALLY likes) asked her to eat with him at lunch. So they went outside and he TOTALLY ignored her! What a jerk! She doesn't need him! I've told her that!

Shes gone out with him 6 times already and every time they broke up she always says she learned her lesson! She says she loves him. GRRR! He's such a pig!! If I find out that they're going out again and that Gerry hurts her I will BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!! Visit my club on Yahoo! It's slowly growing! Now it has 9 member!

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