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2001-08-29 - 2:13 p.m.
Wow! I haven't made an entry for awhile! Anyway, I saw Rat Race and it was very good! I haven't done anything interesting. Today I rented Josie and the Pussycats and The Mexican. I just finished watching Josie and I thought it was pretty good. I've already seen The Mexican so I know its good.

I am kinda sad cuz Tuesday I go back to school! It feels like summer vacation just started. Most of my friends are gone now. I had to come back because I was missing 1 freaking credit! Its going to be different because I won't have anyone to talk to. I'm sure Karen and I won't have any classes together. I just hope we have the same lunch. I HATE school!! I can't even remember what I'm taking!! Usually they have a big huge list posted around the school saying what your homeroom is. Well, how will that help me if I don't even know WHAT class it is!!

Anyway, one good thing about going back to school is being able to see Justin again. Justin is the guy I like. I've told him. Or more accurately, I got my friend to tell him! I just couldn't do it! Then I wrote him a note and got Kristine to give it to him. I'm not sure if he even read the damn thing because his stupid friends were laughing. But, I know he doesn't feel the same way. It makes me very upset because he knew I liked him and he used that to his advantage. In class he'd always ask to borrow pens and stuff and like the idiot I am I'd always say yes!

After I gave him that note I was a mess. I thought he was laughing at me and the next day in class I broke down crying because from where I was sitting it looked like he was showing the note to his friends. So Kristine, Karen and I left the class so I could regain my composure and he followed me out there into the hall! He was telling us to stop but I said to Karen and Kris to forget it so we kept walking. He actually RAN after us until he caught up with us.

He apologized to me, and told me his friends are assholes. He told me that I wasn't his type! I was so pissed I felt like saying, "Oh yeah? Well what exactly IS your type? Girls who like to party and drink?" Of course I couldn't because I was so in shock that he followed us out! All I could do was stand there with tears rolling down my face and my mouth hanging open. He also told me that he wanted to concentrate on school, which now I realize was just BULLSHIT because he hardly ever showed up! He skipped once or twice a week! And correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're trying to concentrate on school then shouldn't you actually BE THERE?

Whoa! This is gonna be a long entry! I just had to get this Justin thing out! He's so hot!! There are some times that he acts like a jerk and other times he can be a sweetie! There was one time when he left the room to talk to the teacher, and I was staring at the front of the class daydreaming like usual when he came in. I didn't mean to stare at him. But he looked at me and winked and then smiled.

OKOKOKOKOK!!!! NO MORE TALK ABOUT JUSTIN!! Phew! I'm torturing myself!!

Just one more thing. I was gonna ask him to prom but I chickened out! DUMB ASS!

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