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2001-08-16 - 5:24 p.m.
Whoo hoo! The weekend is almost here!! This weekend mom and I are going to see the movies Rat Race! Also, we're going to be going school shopping for clothes and supplies. I can't believe summer is almost over!! It seems like I just got on vacation! GRRR! I don't wanna go back! I hope I see Justin again! I still REALLY like him. I just had supper and now I'm full! Blah! Anyway, I still have my Peter Dante club on Yahoo. Its doing pretty well! I guess :) Anyway, I've been looking for an address where I can write to him but I can't find one. I e-mailed Bren who owns the Allen Covert site (another actor whos in the movies with Peter) and she suggested that I write to Allens address but substitute Allens name for Peters. So, I'll try that! And if it works and I get a reply, I'll be happy! Oh yeah, I watched Little Nicky AGAIN! I bought it like maybe 2 weeks ago and I've watched it every day since then! Pathetic? Maybe :) But hey! Its an AWESOME movie!

THAT is Peter!

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