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2001-09-10 - 7:51 p.m.

Its too hot!! I am sweating my ass off! This isn't normal weather for September! Uh...ok now that, thats out of the way I can blab on about other things.

Its the 2nd week of school. Things are starting to get better. I still don't like Mrs. Shako! She annoys me! Law is so boring! All we do is do text book work! And today she even gave us a stupid quiz!! Which I know I totally failed! She didn't even tell us about it!

I like my Co-op class! I'm planning on going to Steele Street School to work at the library. Anyway, I had my interview with Ms. Sanford the librarian. I used to go to Steele Street so its all good. Anyway, I could tell Ms Sanford was impressed! I got the Co-op job! Yay for me!

Anyway, I went to my cottage on the weekend! It was weird weather. It would rain in the morning and then clear up and be really hot during the day. Anyway, most of the weekend I just sat outside and watched the water. It was so relaxing!!

I can't wait until the new season starts! All these new TV shows are coming out that look really good! There are also a few movies I really wanna go see! Like, "O", "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" "Jeepers Creepers", and The Glass House. Karen saw "Captain Corellis Mandolin" and she said it was REALLY boring! And Karen really likes those sappy romance movies!

Oh well! Its got NICHOLAS CAGE in it! *sigh* HOTTIE!!! Some of my friends say I'm not normal and I think they're right. I'm a girl (obviously) and most of my girl friends wear skirts and makeup and stuff. Me? I wouldn't be caught dead in that stuff! I like dressing sloppy! Loose baggy jeans and a T-shirt. I absolutely HATE romance movies!! They're so stupid and predictable!

You may think this is weird, but when I saw Titanic I was actually LAUGHING! It was funny! The types of movies I like are comedy, horror and action. I also LOVE The Three Stooges! I've heard that most women hate them because they're so violent! But OH WELL!

DAHHH! Fear Factor isn't on tonight! GRRRR! That makes me angry! Fear Factor is one of my favorite shows!! The host Joe Rogan is hot too :) Anyway, its an awesome show! 6 people do these amazing stunts! The winner gets $50,000! Some of the challenges were kinda gross! Like this one, where the contestants had to eat buffalo testicles, or another where they had to eat sheeps eyes. Its amazing what people will do just to win money!! I'd probably do it! Not for the challenges, just to meet Joe Rogan! lol!

Wow! I realize I've written alot! I better stop! I'll make another entry after I post this one! I don't know why, but I'm really talkative tonight!

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