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Sunday, Nov. 02, 2014 - 5:11 p.m.
Quite a bit has happened since I last updated. The main thing is my relationship with Aaron. Last Friday we almost broke up. We were having a fondue when out of the blue he asked if I was happy in our relationship. He then said that he wasn't. This led to a very very long talk about things.

In the end we both realized we have stuff we need to work on in the relationship, things that need to change, etc, and decided not to break up. Since our talk we haven't fought once and things have gotten way better.

Today we got together with my parents and my brother for lunch, as kind of an early Christmas celebration, since my parents are leaving next weekend to go to Florida for the winter. We had an awesome buffet lunch at The Mandarin. They gave us a Christmas card with a $50 Walmart giftcard and a food dehydrator!


Now we can make beef jerky!

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