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2007-07-11 - 8:43 a.m.
Oh shit! I cannot believe I never wrote about this. It happened on Sunday. It was just a series of random and unfortunate events. Chad mentioned that we should go and see Transformers and I agreed and called the theater. The recording said that it was playing at 12:30, 1:00, 3:30 etc. So we figured great we'd go to the 1:00 show. Since I'm really anal, I thought we should leave early since. I always leave early when I go to the movies, just in case it's busy.

Anyway. We get to the theater shortly after 12:30, got our tickets and got our snacks and went in. We looked up and saw that the movie started AT 12:30 and there was NO 1:00 show. So we were late and missed the beginning.

Just as we were starting to enjoy the movie, a light broke and fell on our heads, along with a piece of the ceiling. Agh! We went out and told a few people who were working there what had happened. So we settled back down to watch the movie and not even ten minutes later I could smell smoke. Chad and I both looked at each other and we were like...should we go? A minute later someone from the theater told us to get out because there was a fire. This was around 2:00. So we go outside and it is SO fucking smoky out there. We go around the corner and we see thick black smoke billowing from Earth and Sky Connection next door to the theater. We walked further down and saw flames coming out the window. There were already three fire trucks and a few ambulences at the scene and it seemed like they were getting things under control.

Uh...nope. As soon as they broke the windows everything seemed to get worse. The fire started up again. It was awful. We stayed and watched the fire. We left at 4:30 and they were STILL trying to get the fire under control. By the time we left, I had counted 8 fire trucks, three ambulences, a swat van and two police cars. Some guy was even arrested but we don't know why. The fire started above the store, where apparently there were about ten rooms. So now 10 people are homeless. I also heard some rumors that it was a crack den. On the news this morning they mentioned that there were about a million dollars in damages done to the place. They also said it was the biggest fire in 15 years.

We ended up getting a refund. We went back on Monday to see it, and we actually got to see it all the way through this time. It was fucking AMAZING.

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