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2007-08-03 - 1:05 p.m.
Seriously, my fucking ex boyfriends need to stop appearing out of the blue like this. First it was Renos. He emailed me awhile back to tell me how sorry he was for hurting me, and NOW it's fucking ANTHONY. He just added me on facebook. What a fucking douche bag. After two and a half years of not speaking to me? What the flying fuck is going ON??

Sooo yeah. Not sure if I mentioned this, it seems like awhile since I wrote anything. But Chad and I are going to a concert tonight. Sons of Butcher! I'm pretty excited about that.

Oh yeah, Chads slutty coke head sister is visiting for TWO FUCKING MONTHS. I do not like her at all, which is why I am going to stay away. She is here with her boyfriend, and apparently they are coming with us tonight. UM NO! I have a huge fucking problem with that.

She's going to be here for two months, which means she can spend all the fucking time she wants with Chad. Why the fuck does she have to butt in on our fun?

Fuck that.

Oh well. I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut and try to have fun...

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