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2004-07-28 - 10:39 p.m.
3 days to go!

Dammit, this week is going by soooooo slow!!

I need to see him NOW, dammit!!

In other news, Peter is in loooooove! He met this young pilot last year during his gliding stuff. She's 22. He's too afraid to talk to her about it all, because he says that she runs with her own age group.

We were talking about it today, and he asked if he should talk to her. So, I told him he should, and that it can't hurt to talk to her. If she shoots him down, she shoots him down. But who knows, he could be completely surprised and find out that she likes him back. But he won't know unless he talks to her.

Wait...I'M giving HIM relationship advice? A 21 year old giving a 38 year old relationship advice? Well....I guess it's cool he's asking for my advice. I'm happy for him, but kinda jealous. I kinda had a bit of a crush on him when we first started chatting. But, I have Anthony now and I couldn't be happier. He's THRILLED for me, so I should be happy for him.

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