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2004-07-26 - 6:33 p.m.
So here I am with an update from my Vegas trip!

We left on the 17th, our flight left shortly after 9:00. I hate planes!! Especially when there is turbulence. Everytime we ran into turbulence I held on to the arm rests for dear life! On the way there we watched the movie Hidalgo which was really boring, so I slept the rest of the way there. I don't even remember what time we got there. My uncle met us at the airport and drove us to the time share place we were going to be staying at. As soon as we got in our little apartment thing, I went straight to bed.

Sunday we went to Laughlin and stayed at this place called the Flamingo. We didn't do much there except gamble. I won at the very first machine I sat down at. I won about 70 quarters, got excited and ran off to find my aunt and mom to tell them I won. When I got back, my uncle was sitting at the same machine and had already won about 100 quarters. While my mom and my aunt stood in line to check us into our rooms, me and my uncle went across the street to the mall. I bought a really nice t-shirt for Anthony :)

Monday we drove back to our apartment thingy in Vegas....I honestly can't remember what we did on that day. Tuesday we went to Freemont street and spent the whole damn day there. My mom and aunt wanted me to see this light show they had. It started at 9:00 and lasted all of five minutes, AND it wasn't all that impressive. Great, so we spent all day there waiting for a five minute light show. Whoopee.

Wednesday was kind of a nothing day. We all just relaxed. While my mom and aunt went to the pool, my uncle and I went to the movies and saw I,Robot which was pretty good! We also went to this place that sold show tickets for half price and ended up buying tickets for a show called V: The Ultimate Variety Show. The show wasn't bad, and the comedians were funny.

What else did we do..? Uh...well I won a few times playing keno. The first time I won about $14 and the second time I won about $16, AND I won $115 playing a slot machine. We also went to see this comedian ventriloquist guy named Ronn Lucas who was really funny. We got to meet him after the show and I got my picture taken with him.

FRIDAY night was the best night of all because we got tickets to see George Carlin!! He was HILARIOUS and very raunchy as well. The people sitting in front of us were offended! I'm sorry, but you're offended that easily, why would you buy a ticket to see him, knowing the kind of material he does?? The first thing he opened up with was a joke about pussy farts. LOL! I was practically crying because I was laughing so hard. I bought a t-shirt that had a list of 2000 inappropriate words used by George Carlin. Hehehe.

So yeah, we got home yesterday. Our flight was at 11:00 Saturday night, we didn't land until 7am Sunday morning. I slept almost the whole day. On the plane, on the way home, while watching TV at home, etc. I bought a couple cool things while I was in Vegas. Mostly t-shirts, and a few things for Anthony :)

Oh yeah!! Speaking of Anthony, yesterday was his birthday!!! I called him when I got home. I told him all about my trip, and probably didn't make a lot of sense because I was so tired. He was going over to his parents house for a birthday barbeque. He told me that he missed me while I was away, which made me happy :) I'm excited because in 5 days I get to see him again!

Oh yeah!! Uh..I visited the following hotels while in Vegas:

Caesars Palace

MGM Grand

Monte Carlo




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