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2004-06-15 - 11:18 p.m.
Goddamn shitty diaryland. Everytime I go to update I get the stupid error page. Lots has happened in the past 6 days. I'll try to remember it all.

On the 11th I got a call from Anthony on his cell. When I picked up the phone and said "hello?" there was no answer, only background noise. I could him cough a few times and I heard the TV going. Stupid goof must have bumped the phone and dialed my number by accident! LOL. Other than that I hadn't had a real conversation with him since last Tuesday.

I finally heard from Anthony yesterday morning, he sent me an email. I should have been happy but I wasn't. He told me in the email that his work is cutting back his hours for the next five weeks, so now he'll be working 30 hours a week instead of 40. Not only that, but he doesn't know how much money he'll have and if he will be able to make it here at the end of July. I felt like crying! I felt a hell of a lot better later on that night! Anthony called and told me that he WILL be able to make it here at the end of July because they aren't cutting back his hours as much as he thought they were. So yay!!

I went to the bar with Karen Saturday night. I figured I would say yes to shut her up. I was wasted before I even got to the bar. Karen's roommate Jake came home with a few of his buddies and started drinking beer. They gave me a beer, and after that I had about four or five shots of whiskey, and a shot of this stuff called sour puss. Then AT the bar I had two more beers. I honestly don't remember a thing from Saturday night. All I remember is that I got kicked out of the bar for being "too drunk" just because I put my head down and was resting! I kinda remember a bunch of people coming up to me and asking if I was ok, and one girl asking where my boyfriend was...?

Sunday morning was so rough for me. I was sick three or four times that day. I couldn't even drink a glass of water without it coming back up. I had a nap on the couch and felt a bit better after that. By supper I was pretty much feeling like myself again. I was actually able to eat and drink without throwing up. I slept really well last night too. This is the first (and last) time I have ever gotten sick from drinking. I am NEVER going to drink that much again, and I'm not going back to that bar for a very long time.

I've been a busy girl today! This morning, mom and I went out. First to the bank, and then to the grocery store. While she was in the grocery store I went over to the post office to mail my stuff for work. After that, we went to the doctors office. I am now on birth control pills. The doc gave me a three months supply of Tri-Cyclin, which I will start taking when my next period comes. If nothing goes wrong, which I hope it won't, then I will be put on it for a year. I also have to make an appointment for a physical. Ahh...anyway, after my doctors appointment I treated my mom to lunch at Taco Bell! I hadn't been there in so long! It was great. After that it was across the street to the mall to go to the dollar store.

I'm Fighting with Karen. She's pissed off at me because I told her that I didn't want to go to the bar with her again this weekend. I told her that I'll go every once in awhile but not every weekend. She started bitching at me that she had nobody to go with, so I told her that wasn't my problem. I told her NO about ten times and she still kept bugging me. I don't know how much more I can take of this shit.

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