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2004-06-09 - 3:48 p.m.
I'm getting REALLY sick of these stupid error things coming up when I go to write an entry. I had something all planned out that I wanted to write, and now I forot what I wanted to say.

I have money! Yay!! I finally got a check in the mail from the first demo I did.

Things are going quite well with me and Anthony. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but he called on Thursday night and we spoke for three hours!! That was nice! He called again on Sunday night when I was over at Karens house. My phone died as soon as it rang, so Karen let me use her charger and I spoke to him for about an hour.

I talked to him on MSN last night, and he said something to me that made me so happy that I almost cried. Ha! I seem to be doing that alot after I talk to him. He said:

Ravenwolf says:

I want to make you feel special, Melissa, and feel important in my life, because you are

You all have no idea how much that meant to me. I have never ever felt important in ANYONES life. He is so sweet and kind to me, I don't deserve it :) He's going to call me tonight!!!

38 more days until I go to Las Vegas

52 more days until Anthony comes

53 more days until I go back to Ottawa with him!!

Bahh....I'm supposed to be going to the bar this weekend with Karen. She won't leave me alone about it so I told her just to shut her up.

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