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2003-09-22 - 7:30 p.m.
I'm fucking depressed. Know why? Well I've been talking to a bunch of people I've met off these stupid dating sites I joined. They add me to their MSN. Well each time I talk to someone new, we always seem to get along really good. And then they ask to see a picture. So, I send the person a picture, and then hear nothing from them. So when I ask what's up, and the reply always is...

"Sorry, you're not what I'm looking for"

WELL FUCK YOU. This has happened 4 TIMES. I'm fucking depressed over it. Just another reason for me to hate myself and hate my looks. I wanna fuckin' die. Someone please kill me.

I HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE JUST KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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