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2003-09-21 - 5:28 p.m.
So yeah, my cousin Carla's wedding was yesterday. It was fun, but very long. You see it was one of those Catholic weddings, so there was lots of standing and sitting, and praying. I got a good workout from constantly getting up and down. To be honest, it was uncomfortable, I hate going to ANY church. My cousin Jeffs wedding was only 15 minutes, Carla's was an HOUR and 15 minutes.

After the ceremony, we went back to their house while the wedding pictures were being taken. My grandma brought tons of yummy snacks, so I pigged out on carrots, dip, crackers, cheese, and salami, and diet coke. Delish!

The reception was cool. We had roast beef for supper and it was kinda like a buffet type thing where each table went up and got what they wanted. I didn't do much drinking last night as I was still getting over my cold. But I had 2 glasses of wine at supper. One glass of white and the other was pink. Anyway, it was good. I drank alot of the punch too. It was orange juice with gingerale in it.

Eeeeeee!! My new glasses came in on Friday and they're awesome! Also, I got my hair done yesterday. I got blonde highlights put in it and got it cut short. It looks awesome!! I never thought I'd get blonde highlights, EVER. If I can, I'll get some pictures up.

Another thing, I'm gonna quit my job. I'm serious, I really hate that place. But I'm not quitting until I can be sure I have another job.

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