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2003-08-21 - 6:03 p.m.
I'm bored so I'll do some quizzes!

 What is YOUR element?
What is YOUR element?


You Are a Moan!

What Sex Sound Are *You*?

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You dont need a boyfriend; all you need is a good vibrator.

Its not that you hate men.

Its not that youd even object if one walked into your life tomorrow.

Its just that you dont feel an aching need to have a clueless dork with hairy armpits around, trying to cop a feel.

Your needs and you do have them can be met very well by a good battery-powered dildo.

FYI, its illegal to sell such things in some states.

And no surprise, this is the most illicit sex you've experienced in a while!

Do You *Need* a Boyfriend?

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What color of sand are you?

Are You Happy Now?
Are You Happy Now?

Which Michelle Branch single are you?
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You are an idealist ruled by your heart.
You are wistful, romantic, and long for true love.
You dream of all your wishes coming true.
You are very affectionate, passionate, and most likely
head-over-heels in love with someone right now! :)

What Adjective Are You?
*Crazy Dannielle*)

What Goddess Are You? - Eris
Eris, though she is the goddess of discord, has
many followers to this day. They call
themselves the discordians.

Which Goddess Are You?
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Black: Your energy, if you have any at all, is
blocked. You are secretive and self-
protecting. Be careful, you have a tendency to
attract negative people.

Secret emotions: Protectiveness and Independence

What color is your aura?
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