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2003-07-24 - 9:15 p.m.
Well I'm bored. My parents have gone to the cottage and won't be back till Sunday. Chris is over at Corey's house and I'm here all alone babysitting the animals. haha.

I went to the movies with Shannon earlier today. We saw Pirates of the Carribean, and it was AWESOME!!! I love watching the previews before the movie starts. It looks like there are some good ones coming out this summer.

I got a call from Karen earlier today too! Yay! I was talking to her on MSN and then told her I was gonna eat lunch and I'd call her later. But she called me, for no reason. She was like "My computer is making funny noises, and it froze! Do you know what to do??" The conversation lasted all of two minutes. I was like, "You made a long distance call to ask me if I knew what to do about your computer??" Anyway, I called her back after I got home from the movies.

I'm doing nothing tomorrow, and the same goes for the weekend. CALIFORNIA IS GETTING CLOSERRRRRR!! I'm gonna go and watch my Jackass tape!

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