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2003-07-25 - 6:58 p.m.
Ok, am I the only one who's sick and tired of the "Ben and Jenn" bullshit?!

I am SO tired of hearing about Ben and Jenns relationship! It seems I can't turn on the TV without having to hear about it. I watch Access Hollywood, and every day for the past two or three weeks, there has been stuff on them. Most of it is repeated! Tonight it was bullshit about their movie Gigli. Ben and Jenn are not the only two people in it! Hello! They hardly mentioned Al Pacino and Christopher Walken! It was like, "Oh yeah also appearing in the movie is Christopher Walken and Al Pacino." They are MUCH bigger stars then B and J. I'm not gonna pay to see that garbage.

I wish they would just give it a rest. Who cares about them!! They're not going to be together much longer anyway! Nobody cares about the wedding! Nobody cares when the wedding date is! If they do get married, I give it a couple months.

J-HO is nothing but a spoiled diva bitch who has a FAT ASS.

If I hear ONE MORE THING about Gigli, or Ben and Jenn, I will PULL MY HAIR OUT.

Ok, I think I've bitched enough.

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