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2003-05-10 - 10:14 a.m.
Whoa! I don't know WHAT was going on with my internet last night. For some reason it wouldn't load any pages and if it did, it took almost ten minutes and then froze a few minutes later. It seems to be working fine now. Yay. I'm STILL trying to finish these two projects for class. Monday is the last day of that class.

I have nothing to do today. My dad took my uncle Shawn up to the cottage to turn on the water. My brother went to work and took the car, so I'm stuck at home with my mom. Not that that's a bad thing but....

DAMN IT. I'm out of Cherry Brandy too! Oh yeah, and there's some SNL stuff on MuchMoreMusic today!! Like 5 hours or something. It's supposed to be about the musical guests and stuff they've had over the years, and the funny music sketches they've done. Yay!! SNL!!

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