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2003-05-11 - 11:03 a.m.
Happy Mothers Day to ALL mothers :) I dunno why I was excited about Mothers Day. I guess it was because I got my mommy a cool gift. She likes teddy bears so I got her this bear and got it personalized to say 'Happy Mothers Day!' It's so cool, and now I want one for myself.

Yuck! It's rainy and crappy today. We've already been to WalMart where I bought a couple of movies. (YES I KNOW!) I bought the movie Jeepers Creepers and A Simple Plan. We went to Shoppers Drug Mart after that to buy a box of chocolates for my grandpa who just had surgery. I don't think I mentioned the surgery in here. It had something to do with his heart. Anyway, I bought a case of Vanilla Coke, and some teriyaki beef jerky. YUMMY!!!! After lunch we're going to my grandmas.

LOOK! I adopted a SpongeBob! Ok, lots of SpongeBobs :)" target="_blank">

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