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2003-05-04 - 6:59 p.m.
Today was good. Karen and I went to The Mongolian for lunch! YUMMYYYYYY! She hadn't been there before. I think she liked it. After lunch we went to The Hock Shop where I bought two movies. Empire Records and Ferris Buellers Day Off. I'm a movie addict!

We went to the movies too and saw Lizzie McGuire. BLAH! It was so boring! We were the oldest ones there! Actually not true, there were older people there, but they were PARENTS with their kids. That's pathetic. Can you believe that girl who plays Lizzie is only 15? Geez! How skanky!

Anyway, I'm home now. The TWO HOUR season finale of Alias is on tonight! It's already started!! Oh well, I'm taping it for my mom. I STILL have to work on two projects for my class! I'm so lazy!

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