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2003-05-07 - 3:17 p.m.
Mehh, nothing new going on here. It's still the same old crap going on with work. No wait! Yesterday we had a SURPRISE VISIT from the health inspector. Oh yay. The woman who was poking around the kitchen annoyed the shit out of me! I was trying to prepare the lunch for the kids and she kept asking me questions! The kitchen is really small too, so there isn't that much room to begin with. She kept telling me that if she was in my way then to tell her. Arrgh!

I have school tonight and there's also ANOTHER test! It should be easy since she said its open book. I DID pass the last test but just barely, and I STILL haven't handed in my assignments yet.

Blah! Shannon called me on Monday. She's home now. Oh well.

Oh yeah, the finale of Alias was AWESOME, and The Osbournes last night was AWESOME.

Oh yay, and this is entry #695! 5 more till 700!!

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