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2003-04-06 - 10:06 a.m.
Wheeeee! I'm so happy! My dog is home now!! My parents brought her home from the vet yesterday. She's on a special food from now on, and she has to take some pills. She can't have any treats because they could kill her. I'm so glad she's home though!!!!

I went to the movies yesterday with Karen. We saw Phone Booth! AWESOME movie!! I want to see it again.

I bought tons of stuff yesterday. I bought 3 new Stephen King books, blank CD's, a playstation game....

I also bought my brothers birthday present. I found Detroit Rock City on DVD! I looked everywhere for it, and finally found it in MusicWorld for $15.99.

I had Subway for lunch! YUMMY! I really like the cold cut trio. I got it on roasted garlic bread, with the sweet onion sauce.

Nothing is going on today....

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