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2003-04-09 - 4:33 p.m.
I have school tonight. Yippee. Tonight is my last night of that class! YIPPEE! I signed up for the next course but I don't know when it'll start because not very many people signed up for it.

Karen and I went to out for dinner and a movie last night. We went to Applebees for supper, and saw Phone Booth. AGAIN. There was nothing else good playing. I bought a whole bunch of crap last night. I bought the movie Cujo. It's alright so far, but I think the book is much better. I also bought the new AudioSlave CD. I really like the song Like a Stone. I bought a birthday card for my brother since his birthday is on Friday. He's gonna be 18.

I ran into my cousin Amanda on the bus this afternoon. I haven't seen her lately, and she lives around the corner from me. Apparently she's dating this 29 year old who has a 4 year old kid. Uhhh ok.

And when I was getting on the bus to go home, I turned around and this creepy guy was standing like RIGHT behind me. I was like "Excuse me!" and he goes "Uhh is your name Jessica?" So I was like "NO!"

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