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2003-01-07 - 3:10 p.m.
Owwwww dammit!!! I had an accident at work today. I was cutting up apples for the kids lunch today and my thumb slipped and I cut my damn thumb! It was one of those deep cuts too. My stupid thumb bled for 15 minutes! I went through two bandaids because they were both soaked through with blood. Shit!! It stings so much right now.

On a lighter note, I had a lovely dream about Dana Carvey last night. This morning I watched the tape of his interview on Regis and Kelly, and I also watched a Wayne's World sketch that was from an old episode I taped over the weekend. So I got my Dana fix. lmao!! I'm so pathetic!!

I bought the movie Signs today! I'll watch it later on tonight. There's a video store right beside my work and I noticed they had a Master of Disguise poster on the window so I asked the woman who works there if she could sell it to me after they take it down. She said they can't :( CRAP!! I WANT THAT POSTER!!!!

I realize in most of my entries I come off as a hyperactive freak! Sorry about that everyone!

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