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2003-01-08 - 6:50 p.m.
Three things today. I will tell you all the first thing just to get it out of the way.

My grandpa has cancer.

Remember awhile back when I wrote about my grandpa having this weird scabby thing on the top of his head? Well the results came back today, and it's cancer. My aunt called my mom today, and my mom told me on the way home. I think she said it was carcinoma (sp?) Of course my grandma, being the crabby bitch that she is, apparently told my aunt that she was warning her because he's probably gonna wanna cry on her shoulder. My grandma is a nut case! I always hear these things from my mom about how my grandma talks about wanting to be a young widow. She's like 67 or something. BITCH!!! I'm kinda upset about it now.

He's supposed to go for surgery sometime this month.

Second thing: When I was waiting for the bus to take me to work, some guy asked if I needed a ride. It was so weird. The bus stops right beside his house. He was outside talking to someone, and all of a sudden he turns and looks at me and says, "Where are you going?" So I told him I was going to the bus terminal. And he was like "Well I'm going near there so I could drop you off." I was like ummmm no thanks.

It was very nice of him to offer, but I've NEVER seen this guy around before. What if he tried something funny on me? I told my mom this and she was like "That was a smart thing to do"

Number three: Random people bitching at me on MSN. On MSN my screen name is "stercus accidit" which apparently means "Shit happens" in Latin. Some girl randomly messages me asking what my name means. I tell her, and she starts bitching at me about how I shouldn't have a Latin screen name since I'm not Latin. I asked her what business was it of hers, and told her I didn't appreciate random people bitching me out. Then I blocked her. Go me! I forget why she was even on my contact list. But there have been a few times where she's bugged me, asking me who was online cuz she didn't have anyone to talk to. A few days ago she even asked me if I had any single male friends online. Bahh! Stupid people!

Gahh! Now I'm in a bad mood! I think I'll go watch something with Dana Carvey in it. Or I'll just stare at my layout....

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