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2002-09-16 - 11:11 a.m.
Arrgh! Yahoo is really messed up today! I clicked on it and it came up saying "Page Cannot Be Found" When it DID work, it took so long to get to my email. I'm still waiting to check it! GRR! Last night I watched the movie Christine. It was kinda boring. The book was waaay better. Also, the movie The Road to Wellville was on. I taped it cuz it has DANA CARVEY in it. I was just watching it, and man it's weird. Dana looks really dirty in it. But he takes his shirt off in it! HAHA YESSS!

My brother is in serious shit. He borrowed the car last night, and this morning my mom went out to go to the grocery store. When she came back she was like "Your brother is in shit!" So I was like "Why?" and she goes "Well I found pot seeds on the passenger seat!" BUSTED!! HAHA! What a moron!! My mom is gonna yell at him when he gets home from school! My mom emailed my dad, and he's pissed too! I know I shouldn't laugh because it's serious. But I just can't believe how stupid he is.

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