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2002-09-12 - 11:46 a.m.
Well it's Thursday. I had my interview this morning. Gahhh. I hope it went ok. I was really nervous. The person who was interviewing me said that successful applicants will be notified on Saturday. I already know I'm not one of them. If I am, then I'll faint.

I gotta go work at the bingo again this afternoon. Damn! There's a movie on called Opportunity Knocks and it has Dana Carvey in it. I wanted to watch it. I'm obsessed with Dana Carvey now! You know, since I bought Wayne's World on Tuesday I've watched it probably 10 times. Same with that SNL: Best of Dana Carvey movie.

Mom and dad are leaving to go to the cottage tomorrow. I made the mistake of suggesting to my brother that we should go out for dinner on Saturday. Guess who is paying? Me! We decided on going to that Mongolian place I wrote about before. It's awesome! I just hope it doesn't cost too much.

DANA CARVEY IS HOT.......*ahem*

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