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2002-09-11 - 10:39 a.m.
Last night I went to see Swim Fan with Karen. I was supposed to meet her at the mall at 5:00pm, but I got there at 3:00. I went to the other mall to look around. Guess what? I found the movie Wayne's World at the Hock Shop for $6.00! SO I bought it! I also bought Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dana Carvey. Yay!

Anyway, when I was waiting for Karen to arrive, I saw my friend Michelle who I went to public school with. It was so cool seeing her cuz I hadn't seen her for a year or so.

Swim Fan was an awesome movie! Erika Christensen's character was obsessed with Jesse Bradford's character. She turned psycho cuz after they had sex in the pool, he told her that he wanted to forget about what happened. It was awesome.

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