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2002-08-12 - 10:58 a.m.
Karen is allowed to go to the movies tomorrow! Yay!! We're gonna meet at the mall at 5:00. The movie doesn't start until 7:15, so we're gonna eat supper and walk around until then. We're seeing Mr. Deeds. I reaaaaallly want to see Master of Disguise again, because I've discovered I have a sort of crush on Dana Carvey. LOL!!!! I barely got any sleep last night, and I have no idea why. That always happens whenever we come back from the cottage.

Hmm...Simon Cowell, the mean American Idol judge was on Regis and Kelly this morning. It was really funny to see him on there. Wednesday Christina Christian from American Idol will be on Regis.

EEEEEEEEKKKKK! I KNEW I was forgetting something! Today is my aunt Joans birthday! I need to email her! You know what? I STILL refuse to believe that the Chris guy Karen knows is my cousin! It's so weird. I asked my dad last night and he said that I was related to him. I don't even talk to him! He's friends with Karen, and I've said hello to him a few times in passing.

Oh, and also thanks so much to Dreya for signing my guestbook! I appreciate it!

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