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2002-02-22 - 1:57 p.m.
OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a call from Burger King!!! I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONEY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I'm so happy, I'm going to do MORE tests! Check back to the previous entry to see more.

Go Faeries!!
Take the What Faery Are You? Quiz!
This quiz was made by lia

Take the Which Breakfast Food Are You? Quiz.

Classic Black

Its only the classic black Doc Martens for me...
My soul is dark so why shouldn't my shoes be?

Which Doc Marten are you?
(by *coffeebean*)

Which member of Morning Musume are you?

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Breakout Bat.I am a Breakout Bat.

I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along. What Video Game Character Are You?
You're Lulu. You seem a little insensitive to those who don't know you very well, due to your cynical nature. Your mind is always thinking of things, big and small. You have a tough time of letting go of the past. You also like to bash people with plushies for fun and then fry them up with some tasty magic~! XD
Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take the test.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

you can be perceived as cold and cynical. your fascination with altering your image may be a sign of insecurity, but it may also show a desire for change and experimentation, especially with wigs and hair dye. you have a "no bullshit" attitude towards life. your talents are often overlooked in favor of your bandmates or colleagues, but fear not. your day will come.
which pumpkin are you?
You are the camel. A very noble creature but watch out it likes to spit! ...a lot! so you're a spitty kinda person ready to take on any long desert trail.
Take the animal crackers test.

Life is fairly pointless to for me. It's a constant cycle of getting captured by Bowser, getting rescued by men who lust after me either due to my looks or wealth, and baking cakes. Any involvement I have in a game is fairly limited. I reinforce the bad stereotype that women are helpless beings. I am made of sugar and spice and everything nice, yet incapable of inteligent thought. Such is the life of Peach.

What Super Mario Bros character are you?

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