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2001-12-03 - 6:02 p.m.
Today was very tiring! I woke up at 4:30am and I couldn't get back to sleep! My brother as it turns out, has the flu. I have already warned him, if I get it then I will kick his ass. SIGH! Anyway, today I went to the court house for a Law trip. Our teacher Miss Shako drove us. There was only 6 people from my class who showed up! It was pretty boring! I almost fell asleep! haha! I felt myself nodding off, and then I would snap out of it and try to concentrate! I was so tired! I had in class today for co-op. But I didn't make it. There was an afternoon class that I was supposed to go to, but we got back at 1:00, and the period ends at 1:20 so I went to the cafe to see Kristine and Carolyn. For some reason I had the WORST headache! So, I went to Kristines locker and she gave me two extra-strength tylenol and I felt a little better. So, anyway in 5th period (Law) we didn't do anything. So I slept! My co-op teacher saw me in class so he told me he wanted to talk to me after school.

So, after school I went to his office and he told me what I missed and he gave me a whole pile of work!! arrgh! I found out the job fair for my co-op placement is MONDAY! So I gotta finish my project! Well, I was late getting home from school! I am so tired!! Yaay! Alias was on last night! It was a good one too! Tonight Boston Public is on!!!

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