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2001-11-10 - 11:25 a.m.
I've been visiting these really weird sites today! Where you can find out what your name is. You can find out your prison bitch name, and your pirate name. lol! For fun I thought I'd see what my names are for these sites.

My names:

Pirate name: Black Bess Bonney

Mr. T name: Fool

Rock star name: Lush Van Ripp

Hobbit name: Primula Grubb

Indian name: Rayellen Stuffy Cougar

Reggae name: Congo Levi

Magic Fairy name: Columbine Silverwand

Oz Prison Bitch name: Cum Guzzler

Soprano Mob name: The Xerox

Superhero name: The Illustrious Flaccid Ragamuffin!

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