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2001-10-03 - 5:16 p.m.

lol not really. I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw Justin!!! I went to the library during lunch, and I got up to find the librarian and THERE HE WAS! *sigh!* He was standing at one of the computers talking to some girl. I know he saw me because he looked RIGHT AT ME! And he stopped talking to the girl for one second.

So then, I went back and he was sitting down at the computer! He looked so good!!! Anyway, 10 minutes later I looked to see what he was doing, and HE WAS GONE!! Arrgh!! So, I decided to quickly walk around the library to see if he was still there. He wasn't :( He looked so HOT!

I'm not obsessed.......

Anyway, today my sister came over for supper. And ignored me yet again! She is such a bitch!!! I try to talk to her and she just gives me dirty looks and ignores me. She doesn't care about me. She likes my brother more. My brother mentioned to her that he was buying a guitar, and she was like, "Well why don't I help you pay for it? I was gonna get you one for Christmas anyway." I was like....what?! She acts like she's better than everyone else.

GRRR! Sorry readers. I just needed to let off some steam! I don't think the members of my family like me all that much.

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