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Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013 - 6:57 p.m.
I'll be honest. I"m realyl drunk. Aaron bought wine. I'm feeling notstalgiz. Been reading old entries. Miss the wayy tiaryland used to be. Quizes, diaryrings, Does Andrew still caer about d-laaaand anymore? How could i ambandon you, diary? You. My boyal. since 2001. p|Lease don't ever og. I wish the people I used toe read wonder coem back and upestdate/. Uhesus Chrsit. FUck.

I want to write. I do. I havec no moretiviation anymtore. I maot not paost tis.

(I jhsut love you and then periokdpe u usedto folowe. fuck go to elv.

I'm too olds for thios shit. Druenk intetneting. i'm 30. not `8. Grtow up.

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