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Wednesday, Jun. 24, 2009 - 8:39 p.m.
Yeesh. It's been way too long since I updated. I don't have any excuse. I'm just lazy. I come on everyday and read everyone elses updates. I need to update more often when shit happens so I remember it.

I haven't seen Aaron since the 21st of May, so just over a month now. He has been incredibly busy with school and has had absolutely NO time to see me. He is going to school to become a chef. Now that he is done with the crazy part, he has a bit more free time. So I am going there this Friday and spending a week with him. We're both really really excited about it!

Last time I saw him was the weekend of the 15th. It was kind of a last minute thing since he was starting school on the 19th. He came on the Friday and left Saturday evening. I thought that would be the last time I saw him, but the night before he started school I got a text message from him telling me to look out the window. He surprised me AGAIN! I was really surprised because he was starting school the next day. He said he wanted me to be there for his first week and that he wanted to come home to me every day so he could tell me about his day. He took me home on the 21st and I haven't seen him since. lol.

But....I get to see him on Friday!! Yippee!!

Oh! Remember how a few entries ago I'd mentioned how a few of my exes were coming back into my life? Well guess who else decided to come back into my life?


For those of you who don't remember who he is, he's the douchebag I dated for three years until he decided to move to Alberta. Started dating some gross donkey looking girl and apparently now they are engaged. You may also remember that I threatened to have him charged with harassment after he came back for his moms funeral and called me every day to pick a fight. Yeah...we're talking again. He apologized for treating me like shit and said that he's changed (yeah right) and that he is really happy for me. As much as I appreciate the apology, it really doesn't mean shit to me.

Also...remember Anthony? I mentioned him a few entries ago about how we were talking again. I dated him back in 2004. We're still friends. His wife is jealous and posessive. WELL he came to visit me about three weeks ago. It was AWESOME! I haven't seen him in four years so it was really nice to catch up with him again. He drove SIX hours just to see me. We went out for breakfast, drove around and then went to Boston Pizza for lunch and then he drove home. We're planning on getting together again sometime after I get back. Jealous wife be damned. Him and I are friends. She can't stop him from spending time with a friend.

And THEN there's Ben. Oh my...I mentioned in the previous entry how he contacted me again and said that he was a jerk about how he ended things with me. We were talking again and it was good and then he told me he was moving waaaay up north to live in a trailer. I asked him why he even bothered to come back into my life if he was just leaving it again. A bunch of other stuff was said, which led to him removing me from facebook and not talking to me yet again. Well NOW he is talking to me again. Said that he deleted me because I was a reminder of what he left behind.

Arrgh. Yeah. Anyway. HE ended up coming to visit last week, which was also nice. We went out for lunch, went shopping, sat down by the lake and then went to the drive in. We ended up seeing Night at the Museum 2 and Wolverine. We also talked quite a bit about everything that happened. It's quite clear that he still has feelings for me still, but he understands that I have moved on and am quite happy now. But I will admit that he is still as cute as ever. lol.

What else?

Oh yeah! Last week I went with my friend Mary-Rose to see The Hangover. It was pretty much the funniest movie I have seen this year! I need to see it again!

Hmmm oh and I've also recently started watching Sex and the City. Saw the movie back in November, was forced into watching it when I went to visit my smelly ex Chris. He downloaded it for Sam and her husband and Dave, and we all watched it. I quite liked it. But hadn't seen the show at all. Now I am hooked. Too bad I didn't watch it when it was on. lol.

Oh yeah and speaking of smelly Chris, Sam and Dave finally kicked him out of their house awhile ago. She said that he smelled so bad that they had to wash the couch cover three times after he left AND they had to take straight bleach to the walls of his bedroom. According to her, the entire six months he lived with them, he only showered six time. Anyway, after they kicked him out he ended up moving to Kingston and moved in with a gay couple. Took a girl on a date to a strip club. Classy. It doesn't end there. He apparently got evicted from the place he was living and ended up moving back in with Sam and Dave. They let him stay a week before they kicked him the hell out and sent him to live with his mother in Hamilton. According to Sam he has gained a shit ton of weight, has a long beard and long hair and STILL hasn't showered. What the fuck was I thinking dating him?? Aaron says it was low self esteem. lol

Anyway, I THINK that's about everything. I'm sure there's more but I can't remember. I need to update more!

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