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Saturday, Apr. 11, 2009 - 11:11 p.m.
Party weekend is here! Woohoo!

Aaron is here. He came last night and surprised me. He wasn't supposed to come until tonight. I'm happy :D

Monday is my 26th birthday and Aaron is taking me to The Keg for an awesome steak dinner. Shite. I feel old. Then on Tuesday night we are going to see the Trailer Park Boys and after that I am going back to Brampton with him for the rest of the week. Yeehaw!

My parents are in Ottawa for easter weekend. They are coming back tomorrow. They will be meeting Aaron for the first time. Not particularly looking forward to that. If you've been following my diary, you'll know that I don't get along with either parent. My mom is a huge bitch and my father sticks up for her.

Today is my brothers 24th birthday. Happy birthday bro!

What else?

Oh yeah. More drama with Anthony and his wife and Peter and I aren't friends anymore. I'll explain all that another day though.

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