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Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2009 - 3:40 p.m.

Uh...hi. I'm still alive as you can see. I apologize for the lack of updates in this silly thing. I've been lazy and plus every time I've tried to write something I can't think of what to write.


Happy belated new year. Happy belated valentines days. Etc etc.

So...last update was before my trip to Brampton to meet Aaron for the first time. Happy to report that that visit went really really well. In fact we're still seeing each other, and are kind of dating now :D We manage to see each other every couple weeks. We spent new years together and valentines day together.

In fact, on Tuesday last week he showed up and surprised me. I'd been feeling really down and we'd been talking on the phone, he said he had to go and to call him back at 11:30. Shortly before that he had texted me saying that he needed to do dishes, shower and then go out and buy cigarettes and that he'd text me around 1am. So he did and told me to call him. So I did, and we were talking on the phone and he was saying that he really really missed me and wished I was at his place with him. Then he says:

"What would you do if I was in your driveway right now?"

I laughed and said that I'd give him a kiss. And then he says that he really IS in my driveway. But I didn't believe him, so he told me to go downstairs and look out my window. So I did and sure enough...he was there!! I ran outside in my pajamas and gave him the biggest hug ever. He said that seeing my reaction and seeing my smile was totally worth the drive to see me. I ended up going back to his place and he drove me home the next day.

Next time I see him will be next weekend for my birthday. He said that he is going to take me out for dinner. We are also going to see the Trailer Park Boys the next night. My parents got me two tickets as an early birthday present! Sweet!

What else has been going on? Oh yeah, Ben has been talking to me again. I think I mentioned before that he had contacted me again. Totally out of the blue. He's still talking to me. Keeps going on and on about how much he misses me and how stupid he was and how much of a mistake he's made. Hearing that would have made me totally happy a long time ago, but now it's like "meh, tough shit for you" He had his chance. Although I did see him a month or so ago. He wanted to come visit so I said okay. He ended up taking me out for lunch which was pretty fun. He also admitted that he is envious of Aaron because he gets to spend time with me. Haaaa!

Oh yeah and I am also back in contact with Anthony again. Remember him? Yeah surprised me too that he suddenly wanted to talk to me again. He's married now and apparently not happy. His wife is lazy. Oh yeah and she's a bitch. I was talking to him on MSN the other night and said that because it's been so long, I thought he should come to Barrie and hang out and have fun. Completely innocent comment. But then I get this response:

"Hi this is Anthonys wife......NO"

So I wrote back saying I was sorry that Anthony was not allowed to have fun anymore. Bleh.

Oh yeah and I'm also talking to Renos again. Dude from a long time ago. We broke up for some unknown reason and then he had some fucked up mental breakdown.

Gahhh why are my exes trying to get back into my life? Stay away!

I have lots more to say but I think I'm gonna make another entry later.

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