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Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008 - 7:54 p.m.
Well tomorrow is the day! Ben and I are heading off to Niagara Falls for a romantic weekend away. I'll be getting up early and taking the 7:45 Greyhound bus to Mississauga where Ben will be picking me up and then driving to the falls. I am EXCITED. I haven't seen Ben for a month. I'm all packed, I went out and bought batteries for my camera, I've gone to the bank to take out money for spending, charged my phone and charged my iPod and downloaded a crapload of songs for the ride there.


Robin and Perry showed up today and dropped off my season 3 Kids in the Hall DVD. He ordered it off ebay for me months ago and I haven't seen them to pick it up. I now own the ENTIRE series of Kids in the Hall! Good times.

You'll hear from me again when I get home from my trip! Bye bye!!

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