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Monday, Jun. 16, 2008 - 4:21 p.m.
Well. Guess I better write about my awesome weekend visiting Ben! I had such an amazing time with him. Everything just went so perfectly.

I ended up going to Hamilton by myself. It's a long story but I was supposed to go with Krystal, but threw a hissy fit at us. Her boyfriend was driving from the states. The original plan was that we were all gonna meet in Hamilton for lunch, wander around and then see a movie. Well Ben and I decided that we really didn't want to see a movie, and she just went off on us saying that Dan wasn't going drive ALL the way to Hamilton for lunch and to just hang out. So whatever. BUT as I found out yesterday, he drove all the way here to Barrie to see her, pick her up and then go to Niagara Falls. Yeah that makes sense. Didn't wanna drive to Hamilton, but was willing to drive further to BARRIE to see her. Whatever. So I went alone.


I got up at 7:00 in the morning on the Friday. I was wayyy too excited. Got downtown at 8:00 and bought my ticket. I caught the GO bus at 9am, went from Barrie to Newmarket, tranferred onto another bus from Newmarket, which took me to Union Station in Toronto and then got onto ANOTHER bus which took me from Union Station to Hamilton. I made it to Hamilton at 12:30. Long bus ride but it was SO worth it.

I had gotten off the bus and was looking around trying to figure out where do go. I turned around and saw Ben coming towards me with a big smile on his face. I RAN over to him and almost knocked him down giving him a BIG hug. I was so happy to see him again. After he picked me up, we drove back to Cambridge and checked into our room at the lovely Super 8 motel :) Spent some time in the room, had a shower together, and had a bit of fun before going out again :P After that we went out for dinner to a place called Mongolian Grill. Yum! We had one of those here but it went out of business. It's this awesome place where you they have a buffet style setting type thing. You go up with a bowl, and pick what you want to have in it. Stuff like noodles, veggies, meats, sauces, and spices. Then you go up to the big grill and they cook it all for you. Amazing! I loved that place! To drink, we both had frozen mudslides! Yum!

After dinner we took a walk over to the stag shop where we bought some massage oil. Yay. Then we went back to our hotel room, where we watched a few movies. Ben brought his PS2 and hooked it up to the TV. Had some more fun and then went to sleep. I didn't sleep well because as it turns out, Ben is a snorer :P

Saturday was a fairly busy day for us. Ben and I drove around and he showed me the BIG mall they have. It was an ICE RINK inside of it! It even has a store that sells JUST movies. I was in heaven! I ended up buying the pilot episode of Kids in the Hall. It's got commentary and trivia and all that neat stuff. The mall also has a huge theater too, and we ended up seeing the movie The Happening, which was quite good. We pretty much had lunch there too. I got a hotdog and nachos and Ben got a hotdog and popcorn. Also, we had to stop in a Shoppers Drugmart because BOTH of us forgot to bring toothpaste, and my breath was getting nasty.

After the movie we went back to the good ol' Super 8 and watched the Kids in the Hall DVD I bought, and then we headed over to his house where I met his parents and brother. I was nervous. But his parents are pretty awesome. I have no idea what they thought of me though. His parents took us out for dinner to Kings for Chinese food. Now, we have a Kings here in Barrie but it is nowhere NEAR impressive as the one in Cambridge. It was HUGE! It was also very delicious! After dinner we went back to Bens place and sat around for a little bit before going back to the motel. Watched more movies on the PS2, had more fun, he gave me a massage with the oil we bought the day before, and stayed up until almost 2am talking. Which was really nice.

I was kind of bummed out yesterday (Sunday) because it was my last day there. I really didn't want to go home :( We woke up at 8 and stayed in bed for almost two hours, just cuddling which was so amazing. Finally got up and started packing our things. Checked out of the room and headed to the mall again where we ended up seeing Kung Fu Panda (SO CUTE!) and then heading to a place called Wimpy's for a late breakfast. After that we went back to his place for a bit and then around 3pm, we all piled into the van where Ben and his dad drove me back to Barrie :( I was so sad. I really didn't want to go home.

The weekend was amazing, and Ben is amazing. He treats me SO well, and we get along really well. I've finally met someone who treats me great, but unfortunately there is a distance between us. I don't even know when I am going to see him again, and that's the part that makes me sad.

But we're managing the best we can :)

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