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Wednesday, Jun. 04, 2008 - 11:32 p.m.
Crap! It's been so fucking long since I updated this thing. Last update I mentioned I had gone on a date with Ben who I'd met on facebook, and that we were set to go on another date.

WELL! I have to say that that date went EXTREMELY well! I should have updated the day after because so much happened!

This happened on May 24th...

Well the day started out with me getting up at 8:00. I was too excited to sleep. Ben wasn't supposed to arrive until 1. So I got up, showered, watched TV and waited. VERY impatiently :P Finally around 12:30, I got a call from Ben saying he was at the convenience store around the corner and would be there soon. Ten minutes later I get a call from him saying he was next door at my neighbors place checking out their garage sale and would be over in a few minutes. It took all I had not run out the door and into his arms. Anyway, he came over and came in to use the washroom and ended up meeting both my parents. They both liked him. My mom thought he was really friendly. Yay.

After we left my house we headed to the downtown area where we took a walk around the lakeshore, holding hands and hugging. Hee hee. After our walk downtown, we went out for lunch. We ended up going to Webbers. It was good. I hadn't been there in a long time. Not since before the douchebag and I broke up.

After lunch we were trying to figure out what to do next. We've got a boat called the Serendipity Princess that cruises around the bay. So we went on that. That was my favorite part of the date, and I will tell you why :P When we were sitting on the benches on the boat, I looked over at him and I noticed he was staring at me. He kinda hesitated then says:

"Can I ask you something?"

Me: "Sure..."

Then he says..."Do you want to go steady?"

OMG! OMG! OMG! Of COURSE my answer was yes! I thought it was adorable the way he asked me. I didn't even have to hesitate! I knew from after our first date that I wanted to see him again and that I liked him, but I didn't want to mention it or rush it, in case he didn't feel the same way. But...YAY!! I was SO happy and giddy the rest of the day :) I still am now!

After the cruise, we wandered around downtown some more and then went back to his van where we cuddled and madeout for a bit :P Then we headed to the drive-in. We got there early, which was good because it started filling up shortly after we got there. We ended up seeing Indiana Jones, which was....interesting. Then after that was Iron Man, which we had seen the last time he was up. So we madeout some more and cuddled. I'm really big on that. I love cuddling and I love affection, and he does too. The entire time he was visiting we were either holding hands, hugging or cuddling. Yay. But yeah. I ended up falling asleep through Iron Man.

I didn't end up getting home until after 2am. I felt bad for Ben cuz he drove home. I should have asked if he wanted to spend the night instead of driving the two hours. My mom said he is more than welcome to come back any time. I ended up getting up at 9:30 on the Sunday morning. I was STILL tired and could barely keep my eyes open and I noticed that I had a wicked bad sunburn on my face. But it was worth it!

I unfortunately haven't seen Ben since then. BUT I am going to be visiting him NEXT weekend! Woohoo! The plan is, my friend Krystal and I are going to be taking the bus to Hamilton. Then from there we are meeting up with HER boyfriend Dan, who is driving all the way from Connecticut. Ben is going to meet us there as well, and we are gonna go out for dinner and go do something. Then Krystal and Dan are going to Niagara Falls and then I'm going off with Ben to Cambridge for the weekend! Yay :D

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