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Monday, May. 12, 2008 - 5:25 p.m.'s been awhile since I updated. My last entry as about Chads mother dying. I guess I should start out with that. The douchebag ended up flying out here for a week and the whole week that he was here, he called a DOZEN FUCKING TIMES. Each time he called we fought. He even had the nerve to call my brother an "unemployed low-life loser" My response? Handing my brother the phone. My brother told him if he EVER called my house again, we'd have him charged with harassment and if he ever treated me like shit again, he'd kick his ass.

He hasn't tried to contact me since.

So...what's been going on with me? LOTS! I met a guy on facebook. Actually...I've met two, and I've been on dates with both of them!

My most recent date was on Saturday. I met up with Ben who I'd met on facebook. He's a total sweetheart. He's 22 and he's from Cambridge. He picked me up, we went downtown and sat by the water for a few hours and talked. Then we went out for dinner to Kings Buffet and then we ended up going to the drive in and saw Ironman (awesome!!) and Drillbit Taylor (sucked!!) I had a lot of fun. He wants to see me again which is a good sign. I think he's gonna come in a few weeks so we can go see the new Indiana Jones movie. Yay!

The OTHER guy I went out with is Chris. I've actually been out with him twice. He's 32 and he lives here in Barrie. He's awesome, except for the fact he's a huge pothead and acts kinda dopey. But he's really sweet.

Our first date was a few weeks ago. He was a total gentleman! We ended up going out for lunch, he picked me up, held the door open for me and even pulled the chair out for me to sit down :P After lunch we ended up driving around for a bit, and he told me he was just going to keep driving around until he saw a big smile on my face. Then we went back to his place where he gave me a tour of his house. It's huuuge. Our second date he picked me up and we went over to his place and watched movies and ordered pizza. I had lots of fun.

Now that I am officially free of the douchebag I can see whoever I want, and it's awesome!!

The thing is, I like both guys...alot. But I'm not sure about either of them.

See...with Chris, he keeps saying he's going to call me and he never does. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and just putting it down to the fact that he's a pothead. He keeps saying we'll do something and we never do. I feel like I am bothering him by calling. We were supposed to get together today and he's sick because he apparently drank too many beers with his buddy last night. Despite that, I like him. He's got a great personality. He lives in Barrie which is a huge plus, but the fact that he doesn't call and has cancelled our plans the last few times, really bothers me. I'm hoping he's not fucking around with me. I've had enough of that.

So yeah..then there's Ben. He's fucking awesome, but he lives two hours away. He DOES drive though. Also I'm not sure if he's just looking for a friend with benefits type thing. He didn't try anything on the weekend though. The most we did was hold hands, hugged, and kissed a few times. I think I've rambled enough. Oh a few more things. I am getting a new cellphone. My current cellphone crapped out on me AGAIN. I've had it for less than a year and have already sent it in to get it fixed. Rather than sending it in again only to have it fuck up again later on, I just decided to buy a whole new one. It's gonna come in 2-3 days. So yay.

Also..I am not on medication for high blood pressure. Oh joy.

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