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2007-12-05 - 9:34 p.m.
Okay what the fuck is with this weather??

It started Sunday night when we got freezing rain and tons of snow overnight. Monday was a mess, we got this huuuuge storm. It started in the morning and got worse throughout the day and overnight. It was completely dead at work and at least six people called and said they weren't coming in. All the buses were behind schedule and roads were closed because there were hundreds of accidents. I was almost stranded at work.

It was clear and sunny yesterday and today. I just looked out the window and it's snowing again..quite heavily I might add. Fuck!

So...aside from the shit weather, lots has been going on. Had a great weekend! My boss actually gave me Saturday off!

Friday was the Christmas party for Chads work. It was at Georgian Downs casino. We ate at the buffet, had a few glasses of wine, watched the races and played the slot machines. Neither of us really won much. I managed to win $42 from a $5 voucher they were giving to all the employees at Chads work. Chad won $24, not bad for his first time playing a slot machine!

On Saturday we went to Walmart where we did some Christmas shopping. I bought Chads sister a yoga mat, and I bought my nephew a view finder. Remember those viewfinders where you put the disc in and look at the pictures? Yeah well I bought him one of those, and it's a Cars one since that is his favorite movie. After Walmart we went to the grocery store and picked up some stuff to make lasagna. Yum! We also went to Dairy Queen for lunch. Double yum! Sunday was a very BLAH day and we ended up doing nothing.

I feel very accomplished because I have finished most of my Christmas shopping. My mom and I did some running around today and went out for lunch.

I actually feel kinda bad because my boss left me a message on my cell last night to tell me I was in tomorrow to work. I ignored the message and took today off. If they get pissed off, I don't care because I always come in when they want and I am always on time. So screw 'em.

BUT I DO feel good about getting most of my shopping done. I just have to buy for my sister and her husband, Chads mom and a few more things for Chad. Here is what I bought so far:

For my mom, I bought her Pirates of the Carribean 3 on DVD. I bought my dad Shrek 3 on DVD and I bought my brother the Alien boxset with all four movies.

I bought my nephew Travis that viewfinder I mentioned and I also bought him a racecar set, and I bought my other nephew a Carebear that comes with a DVD.

I ended up buying Chad this kick ass gaming chair that sits on the floor and has speakers built into it.

Looks exactly lik this one actually.

I don't wanna work tomorrow :(

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