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2007-11-26 - 12:48 p.m.
Ooookay! I think it's time for an update. I haven't really felt like writing even though the shit has hit the fan.

Lets start with last month. Last month Chads brothers fiancee Misty was arrested, apparently for stealing from her old job a long time ago. I don't really know the entire story, just that she is in jail and will be there for two months, earlier on good behavior. Anyway, they were set to move but with her in jail, he needed help. So me, Chad, Laura (Chads sister) her fiance Jesse, offered to help him move. We worked all day packing shit, moving it out, loading it into the van, etc. We worked our asses off to move them out that day. A few days later Laura and Jesse went over to the new house to clean, unpack and make dinner for them. Apparently Misty called from jail, and the ungrateful bitch had the nerve to tell them to get the hell out of their house and to never come back. This woman is fucking lazy and ungrateful. She has two kids who are now in the care of Steve (Chads bro) Her children are as equally lazy as she is. They sat around doing fuck all when we were there helping them move.

It gets better. Misty thinks she has breast cancer. Now whether or not she actually does, is beyond me. We all think it's an excuse to gain sympathy. She has also told Steve that he had better get a better job or she will be leaving him when she gets out. Now, Steve has been working at a carpet store here in Barrie. He has worked there for so long and has gotten promotion after promotion. He is doing well. But she wants him to make more money. Why? Because she is a stupid, whore-ish, jobless sponge of a loser who sits around on her fat ass all day doing nothing.

Enough about that. Not much else is going on, besides being insanely busy at work everything is great. Last weekend Chad and I went out on an actual date instead of sitting around his house. We went out for lunch and then went and saw the movie Beowulf. It was awesome.

Oh yeah and that Sons of Butcher concert we were supposed to see on Halloween? Yeah...we didn't go. We didn't have a ride and everyone I asked was either too busy or too fucking lazy to drive us there. So I wasted money buying tickets for a show we didn't even get to see! I'm STILL pissed about it.

This weekend we are going to a Christmas party for Chads work. We're going to the casino for dinner, drinks and gambling. Yay.

Things with Chad are going great. Unfortunately his sister and her fiance are still here, and will be until next year. I don't liike either of them.

Gah! I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet :(

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